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All Women’s Health Center, Inc. (St. Petersburg)

5 starsAll the staff made me feel safe and comfortable, the nurses and staff are amazing.  KM

5 starsStaff was friendly and made me feel very comfortable. Thanks everyone!  CA

5 starsThe women working there were all very kind and fantastic! I could not praise more highly. Thank you!  PL

5 starsThe staff was courteous and informative. The clinic was clean and I did not feel any physical pain. Thank you so much for the services. JK

5 starsThis clinic was super friendly and informative. BE

5 starsThe lady who did my lab work was more than great. I didn’t feel judged whatsoever and everything was great. I’d go back in any case. TM

5 starsThe staff was very helpful and I truly appreciate this. It made the experience a good one. EA

5 starsStaff and doctor were very friendly and made my visit easy and stress free. I would recommend this women’s health clinic to all women in need of their services. Thank you! GL

5 starsContinue to make women’s dreams, spirits and choice a top priority. Thank you! BG

5 starsHaving to go through the loss of a pregnancy when you planned the pregnancy, but because of health issues beyond your control, is one of the hardest things in life. The women and the Doctor at this clinic made it easier to go through because of the compassion and support that everyone showed me during the experience. I will always be grateful. Thank you ladies and the Doctor of course. AT

5 starsI would like to thank the doctor and staff for your professional and courteous care. That was my first time having an abortion and though it was a tough decision you all made the process a little easier. Thank you again. TC

5 starsThe staff was friendly and accommodating! Made my office visit less nerve wracking. Everything was explained well and no one was judgmental. Thank you!! ML

5 starsI had a wonderful experience. I felt like the staff cared about me. The doctor was kind and gentle. It was a good experience despite the circumstances. Clean, polite, fast. Thank you. BC

5 stars I just wanted to thank all of the staff members at All Women’s Health Center for the life-changing work you do. I was blown away by the support, guidance, and kindness I received. Every single staff member I encountered went out of his/her way to ensure that I was comfortable and taken care of–from the receptionist to the nurses and counselors to the doctor himself. Prior to coming to AWHC, I had gone to another clinic closer to home. Throughout my 6 1/2 hour visit, I felt extremely uncomfortable, left in the dark, and fearful of what was to come. It turned out I was further along than I had thought and that they couldn’t help me. The only positive I got from going there was that they recommended I call AWHC, and I really could not be more grateful for all that the AWHC staff did for me! My experience at AWHC far surpassed any expectations I had! I cannot express how truly grateful I am to all of you for making this difficult choice into the best possible experience for me.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Sincerely, AG

5 stars Thank you to the doctor and staff for making a very difficult process much easier. BR

5 stars Scheduling the appointment made me feel very comfortable. Then while I was in the office the staff was awesome, they made me laugh and eased my nerves. The Staff made my experience easier by being so friendly and down to earth. They made me feel at ease about my choice. Great Staff in St. Pete!! AC

5 stars The staff at this clinic are wonderful. I had no idea what to expect when I went there. They explained everything to me in a way I knew what was to be expected. People who go here are just patients in need of care by them; meaning in no way do they judge and this is exactly what is needed in a time of your life like this when you’re scared in the first place. I really appreciate EVERYTHING that was done for me at this clinic. Especially the care and support from each and every member of your team. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in need. Thank you. CS

5 stars The female Dr. on staff was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable. The girls in the office were very kind and understanding. SS

5 starsThe staff was non-judgmental, professional and empathetic. Everyone was very helpful, took good care of me and was well informed to answer all my questions and concerns. KB

5 starsI really appreciated the positive and caring attitude of the entire staff. Thank you! SA

5 starsEveryone at the clinic was amazing! Kind and compassionate. It made our horrible situation bearable. Having to terminate so far into my pregnancy was such a shock and was very scary. The Dr. and staff made this an easier process. I am thankful for their services! AT

5 starsI would recommend this clinic to any and every woman. The staff makes you feel like you are the only one in the clinic. They make sure you are welcomed and at ease. The Dr. is a great doctor that tells you the truth; she also makes sure you know exactly what is going on. RG

5 starsI have never been in this situation before and the staff and doctor made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for making a hard situation more comfortable. BM

5 starsThere was an associate who was amazing. She was the one who I talked to on the phone and she was in the recovery room with me as well. What a wonderful employee to have there! JM

5 starsThe staff at the clinic was so courteous and respectful. I do not think I have ever been treated as well as I was at the clinic compared to other medical staff I’ve had to deal with. This was truly relieving for me and very refreshing. LS

5 starsThis clinic was great. I highly recommend. The staff was exceptional and their primary concern was that of the patient. They made me feel so comfortable and welcome. DA

5 starsIt was a bad situation but the staff made it a pleasant experience for me. My Dr. was so amazing. I can’t imagine having it done somewhere else. They really care about you. Because of the things they said to me, I walked away with my head up knowing my decision was best for me. Thank you so much. HJ

Women’s Ob/Gyn Center of Countryside, Inc.
All Women’s Health Center of Clearwater

5 starsI was incredibly anxious about the procedure. Once I spoke to Nicole on the phone I felt relief. She explained everything, answering my questions, and eased my worries. The entire staff is great. Thank you for all you do. I truly appreciate it. CR

5 starsTanya and staff made me feel at ease and was very empathetic. She was kind and comforting during this difficult time in my life. I am thankful!  LL

5 starsThank you for being kind about something so challenging to go through. TR

5 starsVery friendly staff and non-judgmental. Very thorough! Loved my experience in this facility. CG

5 starsEveryone was so friendly! Even most of the patients seemed to be in a good mood. All of the staff were knowledgeable. It could have been a very tense experience but was made pleasant and was one of my better medical related experiences because of everyone on staff! Thank you!  SR

5 starsYou guys are sweet and caring!  KY

5 starsI am very pleased with the staff and care I received.  I was well informed and felt comfortable. JM

5 starsI have never been to a clinic like this and have never had an abortion before. I am glad I came to a place with such a kind and patient staff. They made me feel very at ease and comfortable. I feel very thankful and would recommend this practice to any woman.   LO

5 starsStaff and the doctor were lighthearted and non-judgmental. I never had an abortion, nor do I plan on having another. They were kind and compassionate. NS

5 starsI want to thank the clinic staff for helping me in every way concerning my financial struggle. The little things like this matter a lot to a person like me so I wanted to give my thanks. BK

5 starsEvery person in this office is absolutely amazing! TA

5 starsStaff is amazing. Thank you! SS

5 starsAbsolutely amazing staff, they were truly the best staff I’ve encountered including other businesses. I couldn’t have been happier. They were very generous, well spoken, most polite people ever. They were ALL made for this job and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Could not have had a better experience. Thank you all so much!! TE

5 starsVery clean and well kept. Never felt discomfort nor unpleased since day one. Your crew is awesome and the Doctor made it even better. Thank you! MM

5 starsThe staff was superbly accommodating and continuously made sure any questions were answered. The counselor went above and beyond in her detail and making me feel comfortable with everything. Thank you all for making a tough time much easier. KC

5 starsThe staff is very nice. They smile gently and have a warm approach. I felt very comfortable with them and they really walked me through the process and made sure I understood. After we were finished, they reassured me that they were there for me for support and made sure that I had the phone number. I can tell that these women care and understand what the clients are feeling and going through. The staff is 5 star! DD

5 starsI feel the staff here always strives and excels at making their patients feel comfortable and well informed about whatever procedure they are having. Their professionalism and understanding always exceeds my expectations. Thanks for the great service. EA

5 starsAll of the ladies made me feel welcome and comfortable. They kept me informed and answered all of my questions without hesitation. They made the most difficult decision I had to make calming and made me feel at ease. They were very polite and patient with me. Thank you ladies and Doctor. CY

5 starsThe staff was so nice, caring and accommodating! I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant experience during this difficult time. HO

5 starsI spoke with two employees over the phone & instantly all my fears flew out the window. Both were really awesome and talked with me like I knew them for years. SA

5 starsAwesome experience! My counselor was informative and kind. I would definetly return. Thank you so much for making an unpleasant choice an unbelievable pleasant experience. CA

5 starsStaff was wonderful. I was very nervous going into my appointment especially since I was alone. The entire staff was very kind and helpful during both my visits to the clinic. The assistant was exceptionally caring and attentive. I found myself quite emotional during the procedure but she stayed by my side, holding my hand and assuring me it will be okay. She is absolutely amazing. Thank you again to all the staff. AA

5 starsThe staff was extremely professional & made me feel more at ease. They provided me with enough information & answered all my questions without any hesitation. Also the facility itself was very clean and welcoming. SW

5 starsThe staff was absolutely incredible and I was very happy I came to them. I would recommend them for anyone. Thanks. NE

5 starsExtremely great staff! NH

5 starsI am very thankful that I was able to speak with Tanya. She assisted with information on lowering the cost and I was very comfortable knowing she was there for me. She cares about the clients and appears to love her job. AB

5 stars At first I was very nervous, I of course did not ever think I would have an abortion. Thankfully I was able to find this place and not only do I appreciate their kindness but the fact they were not judging me. They explained everything extremely well. I was truly comfortable. The doctor was extremely nice and professional and I appreciated his great care. I know sometimes abortions aren’t looked upon as a good thing, but if you absolutely need a place to go they will treat you with the most respect and make an unpleasant visit not as bad as you would think. I truly thank you guys for being so nice to me! JJ

5 stars I just want to say that despite the reason for my visit, I was made to feel very comfortable. The employees even made me smile. I would definitely refer anyone that needs your services. Thank you. MS

5 stars I was scared and there’s nothing that could have made it less scary. Your nurses were very helpful to me. Thank you, I’m sorry for what I had to do, but I had to do it, it was unplanned. I pray everything will be alright. Your staff really took care of me. DN

5 stars I’m glad I can go on in my life feeling confident. Keep being loving & supportive. JF

5 stars Under the circumstances, the ladies were very professional, nice & caring. The Doctor was also. Thank you for being so kind. VR

5 stars The woman who was in the patient waiting area talking with me was the same woman I spoke with on the phone. So personable, polite & genuine. She talked me thru the whole procedure and was amazing. You have a good one on your hands, someone who truly cares about her job & patients. Thank you. EK

5 stars The staff was exceptionally accommodating and kind. LM

5 stars The staff worked well together and was very warm and comforting. They certainly made my situation a little easier to handle. One of the ladies even held my hand during part of my procedure. That meant a lot to me. Thank you. MM

5 starsAll of your staff was very professional and very nice. I had a great experience and appreciated all of their help. HR

5 stars I normally don’t fill these out but I wanted to let the whole staff know that all of you really do make an individual feel very comfortable on such a traumatic day in a woman’s life. Thank you. SA

5 stars Everyone made me feel 100% comfortable in such an uncomfortable time of life. I am thankful I went to this clinic. I would refer them to any female that was in my same situation. CC

5 stars The staff was wonderful and makes you feel very comfortable. It was already a very touch decision and a hard day. They were very non-judgmental and caring. Definitely a place I’d recommend to anyone facing the same decision. AL

5 stars I felt very comfortable and relaxed. You are the nicest staff I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was a very pleasant experience in a very stressful point in my life. I would recommend to everyone who needs the services you provide. Thank you all so much! BA

All Women’s Health Center of North Tampa, Inc.

5 starsI would recommend this Doctors office, Clinic without hesitation. The staff was very pleasant and made me feel at ease with the procedure. EA

5 starsThis was the hardest day of my life and I terrified walking into the clinic. Everyone who worked there, especially Tinisha, was amazing and so incredibly kind to me. It made my terrible day bearable and I cannot thank everyone enough. TS

5 starsThe Dr. and nurse were great. TS

5 starsThank you so much. You all are a blessing. Keep up the good work! Thank you Thank you. LD

5 starsFrom the moment I made the phone call to get information and make an appointment I was treated with the upmost respect. I was never hurried off the phone and all my questions were answered and concerns addressed. I was also assisted with financial assistance questions with a positive outcome. Once at the office I was warmly greeted. I completed paperwork shortly after and was taken to the back for lab work. Lab technician was kind and made sure I was comfortable and at ease. Later I was taken to a patient room for an ultrasound where staff assured I was comfortable and answered all my questions/concerns. The Dr. arrived shortly after, went over procedures and policies. He too was very kind and warm. Unfortunately, I came down with the flu and wasn’t able to make my follow up appointment however, I know that the staff would have made certain that the follow-up appointment was a positive experience. Everyone was pleasant/courteous and never made me feel judged. Thank you for everything! DB

5 starsThank You North Tampa Office! Much love, a happy patient. AC

5 starsI don’t remember the staff member’s names but I will always remember how they made me feel. I did not feel judged or like I had anything to hide. It felt like I was in the presence of friends and family. I cannot wait to go back so that I may properly thank them for making this process so easy and stress free. They make me smile and laugh and put my heart at ease. These beautiful women deserve a raise for their dedication and kindness! BP

5 starsThank you for being kind and doing this work. DJ

5 starsThe staff was great. This decision is hard to make. Everyone was so nice. The Dr. was very compassionate. We couldn’t ask for a better staff to help during this difficult time. MM

5 starsStaff and Dr. were all great! GT

5 starsThe entire staff made me feel very comfortable and informed during the whole process. KL

5 starsVery friendly staff. Worked very hard to have me in and out of the office.  BC

5 starsEverything from the person who set up my appointment to all of the staff, nurses and doctor were perfect. It was a great experience for me and I was made to feel comfortable. The process and staff were very efficient as well. I have zero complaints!  DR

5 starsStaff was very friendly and kind which made the experience more comfortable. I did not spend much time with the doctor, but he did make me feel at ease before the procedure and I had a successful procedure with no complications. Thank you!  KH

5 starsThe lady who provided me information on the procedure and birth control was the same one who was in the room with me and was very nice. She knew it wasn’t easy for me and she comforted me by rubbing my head and that helped more than she knew.  GA

5 starsEveryone in the office made me feel comfortable with my decision.  AG

5 starsStaff was amazing, they made you feel comfortable. Love this place and would definetly recommend. BC

5 starsI truly cannot be more grateful. Everyone was so sweet and helpful and made my experience the best! Thank you all so much for giving such compassionate services.  LE

5 starsEveryone was very professional and friendly.  AP

5 starsThe whole staff at University Cove Place Tampa, FL were AWESOME! Very pleasant and made my experience all the better. Thank you!  GS

5 starsMy experience was great. Awesome customer service and staff. The doctor was very comforting and friendly and made the procedure so easy. They didn’t make me feel nervous, or like what I was doing was wrong. Thank you!  NE

5 starsEveryone was very courteous, supportive and helpful with information so I understood every step. For such a difficult decision, the staff and doctor made me feel very comfortable.  CS

5 starsThis was a much more dignified process than I had anticipated. The staff and physician made me feel loved, accepted and respected. Thank you!  BP

5 starsThe staff was kind and understanding. The moment I met the doctor I wasn’t tense anymore.  His bedside manner was comforting and lifted my spirits during a difficult time. Thank you for the work you do and helping women.  AH

5 starsEveryone was very pleasant, skilled and made the experience so much better. RT

5 starsI was nervous. The staff and doctors made me feel very comfortable and was unbiased. I really appreciate that. If any of my friends are in the same predicament I was in, I would definetly recommend this facility. LH

5 starsEveryone was so kind and helpful. EH

5 starsThank you for your kind and excellent service. MT

5 starsStaff made me feel comfortable. LL

5 starsThe staff and physician were kind and professional. They helped to put my mind at ease. This place is great! Thanks for everything. RA

5 starsI was terrified to even make the call to ask for an appointment for a non-surgical abortion, but the staff was so friendly and comforting. Even the appointment confirmation call put me at ease. The facility was clean, welcoming & quiet. The staff were pleasant and non-judgmental. It took over an hour to see the Dr. but I was made aware of the wait time on the first call so I could not complain. The follow-up visit was only about a 15 minute wait. The Dr. was very friendly and kind. I am so pleased with my experience at this facility despite the circumstances. Thank you! EW

5 starsExcellent care and lovely staff. Thank you for this service. DO

5 starsChoosing an abortion is not easy. But, in an environment that is calm, helpful and private it seems easier to accept ones decision. There are many assistants to guide the process. The MD is really gentle and knowledgeable. I am glad I choose All women’s Health! TT

5 starsThe staff at All women’s Health Center of North Tampa was very nice. They did a great job with talking to my daughter and myself and made us feel at ease. KD

5 starsThe staff at the North Tampa location was awesome. They did everything they could to comfort me. The Dr. was great too and made sure I was comfortable, happy & understood every step of the way. MA

5 starsThe location is excellent. The facility is newer and kept very nice. In comparison to the other offices in Tampa, this staff and location is exceptional. Thank you! KB

5 starsEveryone was pleasant and courteous and very helpful in making me feel at ease. CP

5 starsGreat clinic and experience – the MD and nurses/support staff were wonderful. Thank you for being there for women when no one else is and providing services in a NAF certified environment. HW

5 starsThis clinic was so kind & understanding with the financial part & very helpful. They made a huge difference in my life! (all for good) Angie is so very nice & helpful & caring. God bless them all. KG

5 stars I was very pleased with the service of the entire staff. Everyone was very nice and made me feel at home. EL

5 stars Everyone at the North Tampa office was kind, competent and helped to make an unpleasant experience run smoothly. They were all lovely. Thank you. AG

5 stars Excellent experience. Everyone was very nice and compassionate. HP

5 stars This was a decision I was afraid of doing. I had not thought I would be going through this procedure, but the ladies were very nice and calm. TJ

5 stars From the initial phone call to the post op (2 week follow up visit) the Doctor and Staff make you feel as comfortable as you possibly can (given the difficult situation and decision at hand). I hope to never have to be in this situation again, however if I know anyone that is, I would absolutely recommend this business, location and Staff. GREAT staff & Doctor! Thank you. ES

5 stars I was very satisfied with the clinic and staff. Everyone was very nice and made me feel completely comfortable. If anyone else I know was looking for the services your clinic provides I would definitely recommend your clinic. DO

5 stars Very nice staff. The doctor was really nice. I went home feeling very comfortable about the decision I made. Thank you. GS

5 stars Thank you for taking good care of me. GD

5 stars The entire staff was pleasant and informative. I was at ease and it made the experience a little less stressful. ES

5 stars I would like to thank you all and please continue doing the great job of helping women in need. It must be difficult at times. Again, thank you! TN

All Women’s Health Center of Tampa

5 starsThe Doctor and staff are great. Thank you! LJ

5 starsThe experience was great! A very warm and welcoming environment. Staff was awesome! AW

5 starsI loved how quickly I was in and out. All of the staff was friendly and courteous.  GL

5 starsEverything was perfect. They all made me very comfortable and at ease in a very unfortunate situation.   KS

5 starsThe staff was friendly, helpful and very reassuring at a time when difficult decisions have to be made. Having people like this assist you makes all of the difference.  KF

5 starsI had such a lovely experience at your clinic today. I’m so thankful for the services you provide. My boyfriend and I walked out feeling so calm, well taken care of and like we could have hugged every staff member. I just wanted to take a moment to thank every person for doing what you do. There are some people who argue and disagree…but I just felt it necessary to tell you how appreciative I am for your clinic and services. You give women like me the ability to plan our own families. You deserve a hug today. Thank you!  KY

5 starsEverything was professional. Good communication through entire process. EG

5 starsMA’s at the front desk were awesome. The doctor and his nurse were nice as well. Abortion was quick – don’t remember! A little discomfort the next day but nothing big. Thank you for making this experience way better than I thought it would be. Thank you! KP

5 starsVery satisfactory with the clinic 100%. Thank you for the care and great information. TR

5 starsI was nervous about coming to the clinic for my procedure as it was my first time. All of the staff were kind and helpful. I felt much more relieved and confident in my decision after visiting All women’s thank you! MB

5 starsIt was a very hard time for me. I do want to thank the clinic and everyone there. Everyone made me feel like it was my decision and they didn’t judge me. Thank you. CB

5 starsThank you for making a horrible moment in my life easier and less aggravating at my time of the visit. I really appreciate it! LC

5 starsVery supportive staff! MB

5 starsThe entire office staff made me very comfortable. I was extremely nervous. I thank each & every one of you including the doctor. CC

5 starsAll the nurses were amazing and non-judgmental which made my experience a lot easier. Thank you! BT

5 starsI loved the Dr. He was very comforting and made me feel important during this difficult time. He answered any extra questions that I had & explained what he was doing. I wished he could be my normal gyn at my gyno office. I felt pretty comfortable, overall. I would go back or refer a friend. A special big “thank you” to the Dr. and the rest of the team! JM

5 starsI felt very relaxed and safe. The ladies were very friendly and explained everything they did. They even answered all of the 100 questions I had! Thank you! BE

5 starsFor something so nerve racking it was easy after all. I’m feeling and doing great. Loved the staff and Dr. You guys are a great team! Thank you so much. ES

5 stars Atmosphere was very light. The doctor was quite jolly and he reminded me of Santa. His demeanor made me feel like everything was going to be all right. I hope to never have an abortion ever again but if I knew someone who was seeking a clinic for an abortion I’d recommend “Dr. J” at the All Women’s Center on Kennedy Blvd. in Tampa. ST

5 stars I felt very comfortable while taking all the required tests in the office. The information provided was very clear and nicely explained. I would recommend this clinic to any woman who has to go through what I have. The office was very efficient and the staff made me feel safe. NW

5 stars I fully appreciated being able to have the procedure done in the first appointment. Women should have the right to choose. I came down from Texas because of the HB2 bill that Gov. Perry passed in the summer-only making it harder for women to exercise their right to choose-I believe that is unconstitutional! Once again, thank you All Women’s Health Center of Tampa for giving me my life back! MR

5 stars Your Staff was very professional and tried their hardest to make me feel comfortable. Thank you for your help. AK

5 stars The staff was quite wonderful to me during a difficult and stressful time. I can’t articulate to them how much I appreciate their professionalism and courtesy. PT

5 starsThe staff was wonderful. I want to thank them for making me feel comfortable and helping me understand everything. They helped me calm my nerves and helped me through the process. Thank you for everything. Ya’ll did an excellent job. IM

5 stars Everyone was so wonderful. They made the procedure less nerve racking. They were absolutely amazing. ME

5 stars Thank you to the staff and doctor especially, he was extremely helpful and made me feel so comfortable. PR

5 stars For such a difficult situation, I was made comfortable. The staff was exceptional. The counselor was extremely supportive and understanding. The doctor was so kind, answered all my questions, and called my by name, which made me feel special and his concern was genuine. You all made this difficult procedure bearable. Thank you for your kindness. CG

All Women’s Health Center of Sarasota

5 starsYou guys are AMAZING! I felt welcome and non judged from the minute I made my appointment. Thank you so much for making this easy on me. I appreciate all of you. LK

5 starsThe one who took my blood was the same one who offered to hold my hand through the procedure if I needed it. I’ll never forget her and her being available when I felt like I had no body was amazing. Even the front desk was superb! I was nauseous and she helped me. Judge free zone. VR

5 starsStaff was all very kind throughout the process. Thank you to ALL! SY

5 starsThe staff was very pleasant and I had a good experience while going through a hard time.  NS

5 starsThis office was one of the best I have ever been to. The staff made me feel very comfortable and everyone was so nice to me and my husband. I would recommend this office to anyone and I’m very lucky that I found them. Thank you!  DD

5 starsEveryone there that my daughter and I came into contact with was excellent.  NA

5 starsI just appreciate everyone who was there as I’m sure it must be challenging at times. Thank you for standing up for a women’s right to choose. AD

5 starsThe staff was very caring and courteous. They answered all my questions I had about the procedure to the best of their ability and made me feel very comfortable. Thanks to everyone there at the clinic for making this difficult time in my life the least stressful as possible. I appreciate your help. MP

5 starsThe nurses at this location are wonderful! AL

5 starsI felt comfortable with the staff. I’m happy with the way they took care of me during the time I spent at the clinic. I would recommend this clinic to anyone if they needed help like I did. MM

5 starsBest possible experience during a difficult situation. Thank you. SA

5 starsVery easy procedure. Wait was not too long. All staff were professional and kind. MM

5 starsEveryone was very helpful. The clinic staff was very non-judgmental. They made the whole experience easier for me to cope with. JA

5 starsOverall great service. No complaints and I was very pleased. CC

5 starsThe staff was amazing. I did not once feel at all uncomfortable. Everything was explained well and I left at ease. I cannot be any happier with the care that I received. Very thankful to have found such a wonderful place. MD

5 starsThe staff was courteous and respectful. They answered all my questions. It was a pleasant experience considering the reason for the visit. GK

5 starsIt was a pleasant experience overall TR

5 starsThe staff was great! SA

5 starsFrom the time I walked in the door until the time I left, I felt very comfortable. They made me feel like they knew me for a long time. Staff members made me comfortable and explained what they were doing. BP.

5 starsThe staff are amazing & made a difficult situation much easier to tolerate. This is nothing to be taken lightly. Thank you for the excellent care & attention. SN

5 starsI would like to thank everyone in the clinic for making my visit so pleasant. They put me at ease and made me feel good.

5 starsMaking the decision to call and come to the clinic is not an easy one. Staff on the phone was very informative accommodating. I lost my first fears the moment I spoke with staff on the phone. The day of the actual visit, though still nervous, the office staff helped me to get comfortable almost immediately. The atmosphere is warm, welcoming and NON-JUDGEMENTAL. I felt that I was in good, experienced and caring hands. Thank you! MB

5 stars The entire staff was respectful, helpful and very caring. TK

5 stars Friendly supportive staff. MP

5 stars The nursing staff was amazing! They made me feel very comfortable and made the process much easier. I was VERY impressed and appreciated them very much! AJ

5 stars Thank you so much for being so sweet and loving your job! It makes such a difference. I never felt judgment was passed when I came in and that was such a relief. Each and every one of you girls (and Doctor) are great. Thank you again. Keep up the nice work! BD

5 stars I’ve never been treated so well in any medical center as I was in this one. Everybody was so polite and cool. It is an example for all of the other clinics. Thank you very much. PR

5 stars I was really surprised that once the IV was put in I don’t really remember anything until being in the car on the way home. I’m glad I felt so comfortable with all the staff. I want to thank them all for being so warm and friendly. TL

5 stars Thanks to the nurses. Excellent job in taking time to care and be understanding. MC

5 stars The staff was very good from my first phone call to the office. During a very difficult time, the staff was very caring and friendly. What was a very hard time for me was made a little easier. Thank you for your care and compassion. RH

5 stars This is by far the best doctor’s office I’ve ever received services at. They have the best staff. I do not have any complaints and am very pleased that I have found this facility. The staff is very nice and caring. NB

5 stars Thank you for providing a service that is very much needed and for doing so with out judgment and with great care. GC

5 stars The staff was very thoughtful, helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone I know, who wants to get a procedure done and I would use their services again in a heartbeat. Thank you to all the staff. JN

5 stars My experience with the staff was great. They made me feel comfortable and they were extremely nice. AS

5 stars The staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease before, during and after the procedure. SK

Ft. Myers Women’s Health Center, Inc.

5 starsEveryone was Great! Thank you for making me feel amazing with comfort. JR

5 starsEveryone was polite and courteous so I felt completely at ease before, during and after the surgical abortion procedure. Thank you! EA

5 starsThe woman that explained the procedure was very kind and helpful.  PL

5 starsThank you so much for providing a much needed service. Your staff were excellent during this scary and difficult time. God Bless You. DO

5 starsAll staff were so sweet and loving. The doctor was beyond informative, gentle and so kind. I would highly recommend! This place made me feel important from the second I called. Thank you all for all you do. PL

5 starsThe nurses & staff were very warm & friendly. Made the very difficult experience much easier with smiles – no judgement. I would recommend this clinic. BD

5 stars Under the circumstances I feel that you guys did a great job. DG

5 stars Love the fact that they give you the opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure. The level of knowledge and their compassion to the patient was the best. Thank you. KR

5 stars The staff was great. All were fantastic… as was the doctor. Thank-you so much. MJ

5 stars All of the ladies were so wonderful at making such a difficult decision much more pleasant. They were so comforting of any decisions made and nonjudgmental. It meant the world to have a hand to hold, reassuring words and even hugs! “Ms. B” gave detailed advice on contraception and preparing me for the procedure. All of the ladies were wonderful. The employees truly made me feel they cared. I went home with all the info I needed and felt better emotionally than I could have ever imagined. Thank you! MM

5 stars The nurse counselor “Ms. B” was fantastic. Extremely informative and caring. She was funny and made me feel at ease. Her attitude is amazing and this facility is lucky to have her! MH

5 stars Just wanted to thank everyone for helping me through this tough choice I made. I am glad that everyone was so nice. CL

5 stars Wonderful staff. Thank you for your support and guidance. LA

5 stars As far as the reason for my visit your staff was amazing and warm. I couldn’t imagine being in a more comfortable environment with more supportive people. They made a bad experience very tolerable. I will definitely be recommending this establishment to any friends in need of services. AM

5 stars The doctor and staff were very compassionate and caring. This is a hard decision for any woman to make and not feeling judged and being well cared for is very important. Thank you. EM

5 stars Everyone is always very pleasant, helpful and happy! WN

5 stars The staff made me feel very comfortable. Just my initial phone call to the clinic told me I made the right choice in clinics. After several calls to other offices and being treated like I was a horrible person it was such a relief to talk to the nurse on the phone that was sympathetic and caring. It is a hard enough decision to have to make and the added stress of being judged was not helping. Thank you so much for not doing that. I would recommend my friends to the clinic. The doctor was very thoughtful and nice and the nurse that held my hand was amazing. Thank you all. JW

Lakeland Women’s Health Center, Inc.

5 starsThe staff and Doctor that work there are all very nice and friendly. I thought it would be a horrible experience for me but it wasn’t. Thank You! DS

5 starsIt was fast and Dr. G was great. He struck up conversation and was very comforting.  SC

5 starsI would like to thank everyone for the kindness, care and professionalism.  DS

5 starsFriendly staff. Affordable and didn’t feel judged by staff members.  LB

5 starsVery nice people!  RS

5 starsYour people were great – very friendly!  Everyone was awesome. I walked in crying but I left with a smile. Thank you all so much.  LM

5 starsEveryone was very nice, informative and discreet.  BY

5 starsThe staff treated me with dignity and without judgment. The doctor was very friendly and made the visit extremely comfortable. Thank you!  GS

5 starsOverall great office visit. Ladies and doctor were kind to my needs. BA

5 starsHigh praise for the staff & doctor who made what could have been a traumatic experience as gentle as they could. Thank you for your compassion. MT

5 starsI’m glad that there are people like you that understand these decisions. JB

5 starsThe staff were very helpful and understanding and made me feel safe, like everything would be OK. KR

5 starsI just want to thank all the wonderful women who made me feel at ease and comfortable. The entire staff was wonderful. I would recommend this place to everyone. The doctor was courteous, very helpful, pleasant and professional. I hope to continue my medical needs for preventative here. Thank you all! SY

5 stars The staff was helpful with everything. The nurses asked me all the time how I was feeling. Great office! They made me feel like everything will be okay. MV

5 stars All the nurses were very friendly, kind, patient and understanding. “Dr. J” had a good bedside manner. Everyone made this process and decision much easier in helping me cope with this time in my life. Thank you to everyone! SP

5 stars I was upset from being nervous, but the staff and everyone made me feel better and everyone made me smile. They are all amazing people. JA

5 stars I would like your staff and doctor to know the service was wonderful and very caring. Thank you so much for making an uncomfortable situation better!! LA

5 stars Everyone was generous and very helpful and also seemed to care. Felt very comfortable. CS

5 stars I’d like to say I was very worried and anxious, but I was pleasantly taken care of. Thank you all for making me feel confidant. AS

5 stars I’m so glad I choose to come to this clinic. This process is very difficult as it is and the staff here are amazing. All were very nice. Thank you all very much. TB

5 stars Everyone was so nice and personable. Made me feel great. I like them all. AC

5 stars When the nurse held my hand during the procedure, that meant a lot, it helped me relax and know that somebody was there for me. Great Staff, very friendly. TB

5 stars The office staff was very friendly and made me feel more comfortable about the procedure. RB

5 stars Thanks for explaining everything to me and being helpful. Thanks to everyone. Great Staff. BR

5 stars This clinic makes you physically and mentally at ease. They are amazing and so willing to spend time with you and talk about every decision with you. The Doctor is very professional and staff is 100% compassionate and understanding. I will definitely recommend!!! KA

5 stars I was expecting a traumatic experience, but these ladies were absolutely wonderful! NC

5 stars I am very happy with my visit because the staff really made me feel comfortable. The Doctor was extremely nice and I want him to know how thankful I am. He made me so much more comfortable and at ease. Like he really cares. GG

5 stars The team was very helpful and kind in helping me. They were very thorough, helpful and caring with me. KS

5 stars This facility came through and made me feel at home, stress free. They were very well trained and the staff made me feel calm. AJ

5 stars Very wonderful and pleasant service. KK

5 stars The staff was very helpful with trying to ease the discomfort and was patient. Thanks for everything. LR

5 stars Everyone was very sweet and nice. They did a really great job. Thank you. KS

5 stars All the people working here are really nice people and when I asked questions they were kind answering. HI

5 stars You all were absolutely amazing and kind. AK

5 stars Very professional environment and everyone made me feel very comfortable. TL

5 stars Thank you very much. You all are awesome! LL

5 stars The ladies here went out of their way to make me comfortable. It was the best of a bad situation. Thank you. AB

5 stars Everyone was very nice and helpful from the moment I called to make an appointment they definitely made this decision that I made easier than ever thought possible. Thank you everyone. CS

All Women’s Health Center of Gainesville, Inc.

5 starsThank You for making this tough decision easier and as stress free as possible for me. Bless Ya’ll for the dedication you have and for the work you do. I speak for myself and every other woman making such a difficult decision. ML

5 starsI wanted to thank all of you for the amazing care you provided. You made me feel safe and cared for in a difficult moment of my life. I am deeply grateful. What you do matters so much to the women in this community and I appreciate you providing quality necessary health care.  SS

5 starsI could not have asked for a better physician. She made the whole process comfortable and was amazing. The staff went out of their way, and more, to provide me with the most comfort and privacy. I cannot begin to praise the Dr. and her care team enough. Being a health care professional myself, I have high standards and she exceeded them with flying colors. Made me feel comfortable and her staff was open, welcoming and non-judgmental. I would recommend this facility.  LK

5 starsEveryone was very friendly and very kind.  JD

5 starsThe staff was exceptionally nice and the Dr. was awesome!  AT

5 starsEvery single staff member I came in contact with made me feel extremely comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. I would recommend their care to anyone in need. I would like to thank each and every one of them.  CG

5 starsThank you so much for checking up on my progress after taking the pill. Everyone was so friendly and sweet during what could have been such a scary experience.   JR

5 starsEveryone in the office went above and beyond to make sure I understood every step and to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I really appreciate the genuine care and support I received at my visit. Excellent doctor and staff!  MJ

5 starsGreat Atmosphere – thank you!  PL

5 starsThank you SO much for everything that you do and for giving women a choice.  HA

5 starsIncredible staff and care!  DP

5 starsThese women are very nice and non-judgmental. Very caring and informative.  LL

5 stars Thank you for everything you do for women. You have been there for me when I needed you and I thank goodness you have also helped so many other women. I can’t wait to have kids – when I’m ready & can provide for them emotionally & financially. Thank you for the life-saving work you do. You are heroes and you inspire me to want to help other women. Thank you! DH

5 starsThe employees are professional and kind. SW

5 starsThe staff was very pleasant and nice. They made me feel very comfortable. DC

5 starsThis is the only place I will ever come to for help. I always had a wonderful, comfortable experience. The staff is amazing and very concerned with the patient. All needs are met and handled with care and lots of support. VO

5 starsKathy explained everything for me so I could fully understand. She was great and compassionate. I felt no shame thanks to your caring staff!

5 starsThe nurse Kathy was wonderful and helped me to feel comfortable and was very compassionate. GT

5 starsEveryone was very pleasant and helpful. DL

5 starsThe staff was amazing during my difficult decision from the phone call, to the test, and the procedure, I didn’t feel judged. Thank you to the wonderful staff at All women’s Health in Gainesville, FL. IB

5 starsYou guys are the best!!! Thank you for all that you do for women & for being so kind, compassionate, and for doing such hard work. I appreciate you all so much. TY

5 starsMy overall experience was good, staff was very kind & the entire process was more comfortable and less scary than I feared. CL

5 starsThe staff was friendly and courteous. The doctor answered all my questions and concerns, as if it was the first time hearing it. It’s a relief going through something like this not to be judged. You can tell the women in your office are there to help. Thank you again for the kindness and professionalism. RM

5 starsJust want to say thank you so much for everything. The entire staff went above and beyond to make my visits safe and comfortable. I can’t say how appreciative I am. I’m so glad I came here over another clinic.

5 starsStaff and doctor asked me more than a couple of times if I was sure about doing it. Staff was very nice. AM

5 starsI am extremely happy with your service. CG

5 starsGiven what was going on, I don’t think I could have been made more comfortable, nor could I have been dealing with nicer more professional people. Thank you! BN

5 starsThey made me feel very comfortable. They tended to my needs and the staff was very helpful and friendly to make the whole process easier for me. I enjoyed my visit and I felt very safe with the staff and doctor. They were superb! DT

5 starsGreat staff! BP

5 starsYour jobs are not easy but you do them so well. During a very uncomfortable part of our lives it is priceless to have people like you guys to get us through it so smoothly. Thank you for your kindness, smiles and positive attitudes. I had a wonderful experience. There are many that appreciate you. PP

5 starsI want to thank everyone at the clinic because that was my first wonderful experience at any medical facility. The nurses were focused on me and everything they could do to make my experience less worrisome and stressful. I greatly appreciate everything you ladies did for me. Thank you! GT

5 starsEverything was clean and tidy. The staff were open and friendly. Everyone explained everything they did or needed to do in detail. The procedure, testing and prep all went very quickly. There was not too much waiting around doing nothing. The woman that did the sonogram & counseling was a doll. She was intelligent, kind and thorough. She was very likeable and easy to talk to while being knowledgeable and imparting information in a non-biased professional manner. MN

5 starsI was very pleased the doctor knew about a rare medical condition I get while pregnant. The doctor was well educated on it and knew which birth control methods I was and wasn’t able to have. NE

5 starsEveryone at this location was very professional and courteous. They made sure I was comfortable and answered all questions to make me feel at ease. Even though I was faced with a difficult decision to make, they made sure the process went as smoothly as possible. VR

5 starsI was very nervous and felt a lot of guilt leading up to my appointment. I knew it was the best choice for me but having never went through this I was terrified. At the clinic they made everything very normal and calming. I’m so grateful for that. Thank you for being so understanding. CJ

5 starsI want to say thank you to everyone during our very difficult visit to your office. I truly appreciate all your empathy and kindness. TJ

5 starsI was very happy and comfortable. I never would think that I would say this but I enjoyed my check up session very much. I loved chatting with the nurse there, and I want to visit again to say hi! Very professional. Made it very easy and quick. Also very clean. I really appreciate having a place like them in Gainesville. I thank them a lot! DC

5 starsEverything was very clean & all the staff was very polite & helpful. It was a relaxing atmosphere and my overall experience went well. Everyone was great! JJ

5 starsEveryone was very helpful and made you feel comfortable. MB

5 stars From the initial phone call to the actual visit everyone was great at making me feel at ease during what could definitely be a very unpleasant experience. Thank you so much to all of the staff there. We need more people like you in the world! SA

5 stars The staff were very kind & made me feel comfortable. I was terrified and one woman who took my blood pressure really helped. I was very happy that the sedation knocked me out for the procedure and that a nurse was around when I woke up. My experience was very positive. Thank you for all you do to protect women’s health. The nurses & doctors at All Women’s provide an invaluable service I took for granted before this experience. CJ

5 stars When I entered the clinic I was very scared. It was my first time ever going through something like this. Everyone there explained everything to me very well. They were gentle and compassionate and put me at ease. They also helped me understand that I shouldn’t feel ashamed because more women than I thought go through with an abortion. I want to say thank you and God bless all the women there. And God forbid I ever have to go through this again. I would not hesitate to call and go back to your clinic or refer a friend in a heartbeat. Yours Truly, KK

5 stars I would like to take the time to thank this clinic for making me feel comfortable and safe throughout my visit, as well as afterwards. The ultrasound tech was my favorite part. She treated me as her own and took the best care of me. She eased my mind about the process and gave a contact number in case of an emergency. I could not have wished for a better experience. To tell the truth, I wish my own medical doctor took the same amount of time and dedication that the doctors in the All Women’s Health Center of Gainesville did. Thank you “Ms. K” and the rest of the employees that gave me the support and confidence I needed to get through this difficult time. NJ

5 stars The whole staff there made me feel extremely at ease. I was a complete mess; overwhelmed, ashamed, embarrassed and just plain depressed. This is my second time coming to this clinic and I must say it was just as comforting to be there this time, just as the last time. I truly want to say thank you to everyone here that helped and listened to me in such a difficult and hard time in my life. You all ere truly a blessing to me and may God bless you all. A special thank you to “Ms. K”, she is a wonderful woman & I would like to say thank you. Hopefully you won’t see me again. But if you do I know everyone there would put a smile on my face. Thank you once again. WT

5 stars Staff was great. The doctor spent time explaining every step to me and she made me feel at ease. I will recommend the All Women’s Health Center to my girlfriends! KJ

5 stars I was very pleased with my experience. Everyone treated me with kindness and I found the calming atmosphere to be welcoming. The staff made me feel more like I was receiving an everyday casual procedure – despite the seriousness of my treatment. I would recommend my friends to this facility for any of their women’s health needs. JC

5 stars I just want to thank you guys for everything. I needed your help and thank you so much. God Bless. SK

5 stars The doctor’s service was great. The staff helped me physically and emotionally. They were compassionate and played a vital role in reducing my nervousness. GD

5 stars I was exceedingly appreciative that in an already physically mentally strenuous situation, the staff helped find a way to lessen the financial burden with extra funding. I can’t express my gratitude for the graciousness and understanding provided to me. Thank you so much. HT

5 stars I feel like you guys did a very good job. I felt very comfortable and am very thankful. WC

All Women’s Health Center of Jacksonville, Inc.

5 starsThe doctor was very professional and understanding. The info received was exact/to the point, even about the protestors outside. I felt safe and comfortable while there. HA

5 starsThe entire staff is awesome, they loved me and I love them back. They made me very at ease with my decision. I really appreciated the support.  TK

5 starsWonderful staff. Can’t thank you enough!  PF

5 starsThank you so much for being so kind. KS

5 starsThese ladies are awesome and the Doctor is nice! Thank you!  KS

5 starsFor the circumstances, staff and clinic management were very professional yet caring and kind. Answered all of my worries without judgment I appreciate and take comfort that this clinic exists especially for younger women who feel fear or shame. SY

5 starsThis office and staff made me feel at ease and extremely comfortable. Everyone was so warm and kind which helped me feel more confident in my decision. KB

5 starsVery friendly staff which made the situation less stressful and as pleasant as possible. MI

5 starsThe overall experience was much more pleasant than I expected. Great Staff, Great Doctor, Dress Warm!! NT

5 starsThis was my first visit, I felt so comfortable in the building. I wasn’t nervous and the staff was so courteous. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services. DM

5 stars Everyone was great. What was once considered to be an emotional and terrifying experience turned out to be informative and helpful. One of the nurses even convinced me to do the IV sedation, though I am horribly afraid of needles and it turned out to be a very beneficial decision. Thank you to the staff and doctors for making me feel comfortable with my decision. JC

5 stars I was very pleased with the Doctor. He made me feel at ease about everything. Thanks you guys! For everything! FR

5 stars If only I could rate this place with more stars, I most certainly would. Everything about this center was great and exceeded in my expectations. The location was in a nice spot and wasn’t excluded from everything to bring about the nervousness or awkward feelings. The inside’s aura reinforced comfort and ease that the outside of the building exceeded in portraying. However, out of all of these things, a business would never be successful without a wonderful staff and that is exactly what you receive here plus much more. Everyone is extremely friendly, nice, and helpful. Furthermore, it seems as though everyone is genuine in his/her actions and words toward you. It isn’t just a job for them, but to actually care for the patient and her overall well-being. I absolutely loved this place and my doctor was so funny and charming, which made me feel really at ease as if I was in my own home. In addition, the procedure was quick and easy and I didn’t feel a thing. I will most definitely refer anyone who is willing to undergo this option to All Women’s Health Center because I know, without a doubt, she wouldn’t regret her decision. So once again, thanks to everyone here! TH

5 stars I am so happy I made the choice to come to this clinic. The process was hard but the atmosphere in the clinic made it easier for me. Thanks so much. SL

5 stars Staff was extremely pleasant and made me feel comfortable, I was very impressed by that and grateful. AJ

5 stars The doctor was awesome! Everyone made me feel very comfortable during a very emotional, nervous, uneasy time for me. Thank you to everyone! EM

5 stars Everyone here treated me so kind. They took their time to explain everything to me. They let me sit in the back so I wouldn’t get sick in front of everyone in the lobby. I was very nervous, but they really made me feel welcome. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone I knew who would need this service. ML

5 stars Great Staff, felt at ease I didn’t feel judged. The Staff made it a good experience. I thank all of your staff at the office. BG

5 stars I was extremely pleased, I had two situations. The first was not bad, but in comparison to this place, I wish I’d gone here the first time. It is very relaxing and is geared towards females. They were courteous and funny staff and even though the wait time is longer than what I wanted, it was short in comparison to before. I am seriously considering changing my regular Gyn to All Women’s Health Center! A+ KC

5 stars“Ms. D” at the front desk was a great help with helping me find financial assistance and also in following up with me afterwards. All the staff and the Doctor were great and made me feel very comfortable. Thanks, TP

5 stars Prior to visiting the clinic I was nervous, and I didn’t know what to expect. The staff was amazingly friendly and helpful. The care given is phenomenal! I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone needing the service. JW

5 stars I want to thank all the women who helped me on one of the most difficult times of my life. You are all angels. God Bless. MA

5 stars I am very pleased with the outstanding customer service extended by the staff. Every detail about the procedure was adequately explained as well as any question asked. All staff is professional, courteous and well informed of their roles and presented a smile that was contagious. Thanks and hugs to everyone at All Women’s Health Center for this easy experience. NZ

5 stars I went in with a mind to turn around because of judgment. Upon entering and talking to staff, I was put at ease. The care was truly appreciated. Staff is wonderful. PK

5 stars I would like to say thank you to All Women’s Health Center and the staff. They made my visit very pleasant and comfortable. Keep up the good work guys. AK

5 stars Very kind, compassionate staff. Excellent care. Grateful to have had the care that was given to me. LR

All Women’s Health Center of Orlando, Inc.

5 starsEveryone was friendly and helpful. I felt so helpless but I was really put at ease with the level of care I received for the procedure. Thank you for treating me with respect and showing me kindness during an extremely difficult time in my life.  LW

5 starsThe staff were all incredibly friendly. My Dr. in particular was very nice and distracted me. He put me at ease by talking about my job. The staff did very well in making sure I felt safe and sure with my decision. I am grateful for the kind and caring staff. Thank you all for doing what you do and allowing women to feel in total control of their bodies and future.  HT

5 starsThe staff was excellent and caring. As far as the experience, the staff is what made it better. I cannot say enough about how they treated me that day.  TY

5 starsThe staff and Dr. were amazing!  DD

5 starsAll of the staff members were professional and compassionate. I wasn’t sure what kind of service to expect when I called and I was pleasantly surprised. When I came to the actual appointment I was even more surprised. Each person I spoke to who worked there was super sweet and reassuring. I was so thankful.  JS

5 starsYour nurse is absolutely wonderful. Makes everyone feel comfortable and she was very kind. Overall the staff was great.  RG

5 starsI’m glad that I was able to get an appointment right away. The staff was friendly. I can’t complain. Everything was OK. Thank you for all you do to help women through this process. AJ

5 starsI was an emotional mess before getting to the clinic. The staff did everything possible to help me relax. I was given all the necessary information. Staff were all very nice. The doctor held my hand which too k me by surprise. That was truly comforting. These experiences are never 100% perfect but the staff were absolutely amazing. I am truly thankful for them. Because of their communication, support, and kindness, I was able to get through this and many others will too.
I am grateful for the caring and professional services provided. I felt safe and protected given the circumstances and everything went well. I called many times throughout and the nurses were consistently patient and helpful. The doctor was very thorough and I appreciated her very much. CP

5 starsNo judgment by any of the staff. They made me feel as comfortable as possible.  TN

5 starsLove your staff – great staff members.  DO

5 starsThis clinic was great. Staff was very friendly. Overall great place and staff.   CP

5 starsEveryone from the security guard to the front office staff to the nurses to the sonogram staff to the recovery staff and to the Doctor were super nice and polite. You turned my hard situation into something easy. Thank you! Thank you!  KM

5 starsThe staff was friendly.  PT

5 starsVery clean office and very respectful people who work there. Thank you! TS

5 starsThank you for the kind and judgment free work you do. I can’t imagine the stress that may come with your job, but know you truly help those in need. I am grateful for the smiling faces and care I received while in a dark place. To just have someone help, with no need of explanation, no judgment, no prejudice made a world of difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  MM

5 starsThe ladies were very knowledgeable.  Overall I left feeling less discouraged and sad.  AH

5 starsI felt well taken care of and the people were very understanding and professional.   GJ

5 starsThe nurses and doctors and receptionist was so very nice and made everything easy and make you feel better and at ease.   SA

5 starsStaff was awesome. Office and bathrooms were very clean.  SB

5 starsProfessional, courteous and informative. The staff made me feel very comfortable and even brought a smile to my face during a rough time. Thank you!  DJ

5 starsEvery single person I came into contact with at the clinic was AMAZING! It was such a blessing to be made to feel so comfortable at an uncomfortable time. I am very pleased and very grateful!  RB

5 starsAll staff members were very informative, patient and kind. My experience couldn’t have gone smoother. LA

5 starsThe doctor was amazing. The entire staff was absolutely wonderful, caring and compassionate. All the anxieties I had leading into my procedure was immediately washed away from the first friendly face we met, the front desk persons, the nurses, and especially the doctor. As a nurse myself, I would love the clinic to receive this feedback. I know that there are many times that a thank -you is forgotten. And I also understand the need for compassion in ALL situations. The doctor and his staff deserve to be recognized for their care and compassion. With thanks, MP

5 stars The employees are professional and kind. SW

5 starsEveryone at the clinic was helpful and professional. Thank you. BK

5 starsGreat staff. Excellent doctor. MC

5 starsThis was a very tough decision for me to make but everyone at this clinic made me feel safe, educated me on the procedure, and took time to talk to me. It felt like just a normal doctor’s visit and I couldn’t be happier with my care. KJ

5 starsEveryone was very kind and made a difficult time much easier for me. I did not feel judged and felt comfortable with my decision. Thank you! CC

5 starsI would definitely recommend this clinic. Very supportive. You have a great facility with great personnel. .They all deserve a pat on the back for being informative & helpful. Overall everyone did all they could to make you comfortable. Great Job! BR

5 starsThe staff were all compassionate and very informative. NN

5 starsI appreciate the kindness and sympathy that I was shown. The counselor was kind and told me “one day at a time” which I am doing for sure. The intake staff to the kind and gentle doctor to the nurse that held my hand through the procedure, I am happy that this place exists. Ending a pregnancy is not easy but everyone at All women’s Health Center of Orlando made it a little easier. Thank you! AH

5 starsEveryone was comforting and friendly. Very helpful with answering questions. DO

5 starsI am beyond pleased with my experience with your facility and staff. The doctor and staff and especially the nurse by my side were wonderful with me, they both talked to me and helped me through the emotions. You were all beyond amazing with me and made my experience better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you all! RR

5 starsThe doctor and nurses were so kind and attentive. They made me feel at ease under the circumstances and I could not ask for better care. The entire staff works so well as a team. I cannot thank them enough for making my experience the best it could possibly be! AP

5 starsThank you for being there for me on a difficult day. DT

5 starsThank you for a great experience. VW

5 starsI would like to thank the entire staff for being so kind and helping me through this difficult time. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. LP

5 starsThank you for making me feel comfortable. Everyone I came in contact with at the office made me feel comfortable and were extremely courteous. Thank you! SA

5 starsEveryone was kind and nice and very helpful from the moment I walked in I felt like the nurses truly cared for my well-being. EM

5 starsI am more than satisfied with the level of care, concern and professionalism I received from everyone at the center. Thank you for the quality of care you provide for such a trying and difficult decision. I’m thrilled with the Altamonte Springs Center. SS

5 starsAll of the staff were friendly and very helpful. I appreciated their concern with me. NT

5 starsVery nice and friendly staff. TN

5 starsAwesome service! The employees that worked there and I connected and I grew a bond with them to where it made me more confident and comfortable about the decision I made. Leaving them made me sad because of how supportive and nice they were. Thank you! KW

5 starsOverall the whole visit went great. Staff were very nice, caring and professional. The visit was actually faster than I expected. Thanks everyone, very pleased. The doctor was amazing, made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous and scared and he talked to me personally which made me feel better so I knew what to expect. I would definitely send family and friends to this office if needed. GS

5 starsI loved that everyone was accommodating and staff was very professional. AF

5 starsThe staff was wonderful, made me feel comfortable and important. TS

5 starsWhen making a choice like this it is very hard – emotions are everywhere! I am so thankful for your staff and how the nurse and doctor listened to me. They made me feel human and walked me through it. Super grateful. Thank you very much. NL

5 starsI felt the staff and the Dr. were very genuine in explaining everything and also being super supportive of my needs and choice. Thank you to everyone and thank you for making me feel like I was a good person too. I will never forget these experiences I’ve had. Thank you again to the Dr. and staff! BC

5 starsTotally amazing staff that made me feel so much better! DB

5 starsYou made a stressful situation into something I was more comfortable with. I didn’t feel like I was being judged for my decision and that to me was the most important thing. JC

5 starsStaff was very helpful in making me feel at ease. WA

5 starsVery awesome staff. Very nice and kind. JJ

5 starsEveryone made me feel comfortable and didn’t judge. They informed me on everything that would happen. MA

5 starsNurses were very nice & the doctor was also very nice. Made me feel at ease & a lot less nervous. DS

5 starsI was in your facility for a termination. Every single person on staff was so kind and took such good care of me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your kindness. You all will forever be in my heart. AN

5 starsI am a college student currently & had a very hard choice to make recently. The care that these women (and man) provided me was the most comforting thing I have been given in my life. They helped me mentally in so many ways. Thank you so much for all ya’ll do. It really takes special people to be able to handle your jobs with such compassion and grace. I am truly grateful. God Bless! NS

5 starsVery caring staff. Loved the service. God Bless you all! TI

5 starsAll staff/nurses that work there were very helpful. Some of the girls went through the situation or has experienced what I was going to experience…so their feedback was very helpful towards the decision that I made. Nobody was rude to me, neither were they judgmental. They were very supportive. Thank you girls for my awesome experience. KS

5 starsI want to thank all the staff. Everyone was very professional as well as understanding, caring, and attentive. This was a very tough, emotional decision but everyone at All Women’s Health Center of Orlando was what helped me through it all. Thank you so much! MS

5 starsThis choice was hard but it was out of medical reasons. The staff made me smile and feel better with my personal choice. KC

5 stars Thank you to the lady who took my appointment call to the ultrasound tech to the doctor. You have a very professional and competent staff who make a very uncomfortable experience as pleasant as possible. Thank you many times over. HR

5 stars Thank ya’ll so much for the help, thank you for taking the time to make sure I understood what was going on at all times, thank you for being understanding, respectful, caring and nonjudgmental. Most of all thank you for coming to hold my hand during the procedure. Weeks before my appointment I was lost, afraid and unsure what my options were. A simple google of abortion pill brought me to your office. I am forever grateful. Who knew something that could be so stressful on the mind, heart and body could be taken care of in such a wonderful manner. Again, than you so much. SL

5 stars Professional, safe, clean and welcoming environment. CG

5 stars Your staff was fantastic, compassionate, understanding and efficient. Considering I was there for an abortion, all staff and the doctor were AMAZING. I felt safe with everyone so thank you for that. CC

5 stars As awful as I felt about having this procedure, the staff worked tirelessly to assure my comfort and were all very professional and kind. SA

5 stars This was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make in my life; however, I know in my heart it was the best possible decision to make. That still didn’t make it any easier. The staff was amazing. Very professional yet extremely comforting, knowledgeable, understanding, nonjudgmental and friendly. For others that may need a service as such, I would definitely recommend the All Women’s Health Center located in Altamonte Springs, FL. As a woman in this situation may feel, you are not alone. Many women more than I had imagined until I did my research have been and are where I was. My suggestion is take your time, if you can, seek whatever counseling you may need and be sure it’s the best decision for you and those involved with you. If you are sure find comfort in that and seek service at this facility. They also provide other care as well, everything women may need. Thanks again to the staff. MH

5 stars After reading a lot of negative stories on the internet about medical abortion, I was terrified. I went home, did everything the doctor explained. I had little to no pain and didn’t even use pain meds. Was very relaxing and nice to do in the privacy of my own home. MS

5 stars This clinic did not make me feel bad about my situation. Everyone respected me and made me feel at ease and peaceful. I did not feel out of place or unwanted. Overall it was the best clinic I’ve ever been to. RB

5 stars The entire staff was friendly, efficient and courteous. LL

5 stars Your staff was absolutely gracious and handled everything with the utmost discretion and professionalism. EG

5 stars Staff was very kind. Doctor was excellent. I’ve compared my experience with her to many other women online dealing with 2nd tri. abortions of wanted pregnancies due to medical complications, and my care and pain management seemed superior to what many women experienced. TD

5 stars Everyone through this experience was exceptional. Thank you.

5 stars If anybody were to be in the position where an abortion was the best choice suited for them, I highly recommend coming here. I was scheduled to have the procedure elsewhere but didn’t like the feel of the place so I changed everything and came to the Altamonte Springs Center. So happy that I did. Thank you for everything! TB

5 stars The staff was very helpful at the Altamonte location! Some made me laugh even and took my mind off of the reason I came. The girl in my info session was very sweet and easy to talk to! Gave me all the steps on my paperwork so I didn’t have any worries when it came time to take the second set of pills, it was all there for me step by step! I would for sure recommend your clinic to a girlfriend or two. Very pleased with the friendliness and professionalism. CW

5 stars I could not have been more nervous about having my procedure, but from the time I called to schedule my appointment – I felt at ease. I knew I was dealing with a professional, friendly and non-judgmental staff. My experience was exactly the amount of time they told me over the phone, and everything was professional and efficient in the office. I could tell the staff all worked as a team to get the patients taken care of. After my procedure, I feel very pleased that I chose All Women’s Health Center. I feel as though I made a smart decision choosing them! Thank you ladies, security guard (very friendly too) and the Doctor. Sincerely, RD

5 stars The staff was friendly, courteous and amicable, both over the phone and in person. I felt uncomfortable and terrified at another facility, so my boyfriend and I decided it would be better and safer to have the procedure performed elsewhere. Sitting in the other facilities waiting room, we quickly researched other places when we came upon All Women’s Health Center of Orlando. The reviews reflected an excellent staff of courteous and knowledgeable persons, all the comments praised the facilities warm and welcoming waiting room, the facility overall received high ratings. The differences between the original facility and All Women’s Health Center are numerous for which I am grateful we chose All Women’s Health Center. Thank you for making my visit less terrifying. VM

5 stars Staff really cares about you and try ensure this is what you want. BD

5 stars I visited another facility several years ago, which is no longer in business in Orlando. It was a terrible experience. This facility was much cleaner, more efficient, and the staff were all great! The staff here was friendly, caring and pleasant, even the security. This is an emotional thing to do and difficult, but overall the experience this time was much easier at this facility. Thank you!!! LM

5 stars Everyone was extremely helpful, especially when I wasn’t reacting well to the oral medication (vomiting, cold chills, and severe cramping.) I was offered a chair in the back with a heating pad and a blanket until it was time for my procedure. The sedation knocked me right out, so I felt no pain during the procedure. I’ve experienced normal cramping pains and heavy bleeding the night of coming home, but the blood flow has drastically lightened up. Everyone at the clinic was extremely courteous and helpful (my doctor the nurses, staff, etc.) I received the amount of care that I needed. I would highly recommend this clinic to any woman seeking one! TG

5 stars The Staff at the Altamonte location were absolutely amazing. Wonderful group of ladies. Everyone was so nice and in great moods. I was so appreciative. Wonderful Staff. HJ

5 stars This was a really difficult and heart-wrenching experience and everybody working at this clinic was extremely kind, sympathetic and non-judgmental. I can’t express how grateful I am for the sensitivity and compassion every staff member had for my situation. The doctor was very gentle and explained everything to me. Thank you for making an awful situation bearable. NR

5 stars Staff was excellent at calming my nerves and very supportive through my visit and all questions I asked were answered honestly. CC

5 stars Everyone that I encountered at this facility was very professional and so nice. Never once was I made to feel wrong or uncomfortable. Wonderful Staff! Wonderful Doctor! DT

5 stars In a day of uncertainty and nervousness, the staff at this clinic were angels guiding and helping me through such a process. Very helpful and patient. Thank you so much! Keep it up! AC

5 stars This was my second procedure at your clinic and the staff was remarkable both times. Everybody from the front desk, to the lab girl and especially the girl I met for counseling, made me feel very comfortable, like they actually cared about my well-being. I’ve heard horror stories but that was not the case at this clinic. I am very grateful to those ladies for getting me through a very difficult time, twice. KG

5 stars You have to understand that when you’re pregnant your emotions are going crazy! It’s hard enough dealing with that, let alone making a decision to have an abortion. When I got on line and read the previous comments it made me nervous, but I thought about what the staff probably has to deal with. When I went in it was uncomfortable because the people outside were yelling and arguing with me. The staff made me feel comfortable. Everyone’s situation is different. TN

5 stars The Doctor and all the Nursing Staff were amazing, friendly and embraced my fear. They were amazing with helping me make it through. SG

5 stars Your staff is awesome. Keep up the good work! SD

5 stars Everyone was helpful and very friendly yet professional. LW

5 stars I wanted to take the time to thank the entire team at the clinic for being so kind to me. The care, attention and professionalism are much appreciated. Thank you! BT

5 stars The information given was very helpful in making my decision. The doctor was a big help and made me feel more comfortable with the procedure. She presented herself well. Great doctor! JC

5 stars All the employees were very nice and compassionated. The doctor is a wonderful doctor and person. I went through my procedure alone and the staff got me through it with their kindness. Thank you all. RS

5 stars Thanks to all the attention by the staff. It made the situation so much more bearable and comfortable. I appreciate how caring they all were. Thank you all dearly. MJ

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